Project: ECO-PV

P-type ECO-PV Modules

July 1 2012 – June 30 2014

This project is aimed at the development of processes and equipment for an ecologically innovative solar-cell and module concept, which can be commercialized for the Dutch industry. The target is to reduce the material consumption by 50%, without compromising the commercial demands for the solar-cell and module technology.

The future competitiveness of equipment suppliers and material producers is wholly dependent on their ability to adjust their equipment and materials on the process and the quality demands of the next generation industrial solar-cells and modules, which is probably “back-side passivated contact” solar-cells and modules.

For the participating manufacturers of equipment, Eurotron, Levitech, OTB and Meco, it will be important that their equipment can be tested as part of an integrated solar-cell and module production line, to confirm the improvements in the area of efficiency aimed at a lower ecological impact that is required for the future of sustainable and affordable solar energy. DSM as supplier of the materials can support the targets of this project and develop the materials further for the required demands of the PV-industry. Next to that, the Dutch equipment manufacturers, together with Alinement, cover all aspects of the value chain required to realize an integrated concept.