Public Summary: SiCC2

July 1 2014 – December 31 2017

Silicon Competence Center – Second Phase. The Silicon Competence Centre (SiCC) is a network of prominent Dutch companies and research institutes that share knowledge and technology and that develop together with the purpose to make Silicon-based solar cells and modules better and cheaper.

This network is subsidized from the first finance round of the TKI Solar Energy. The SiCC2-project is now requesting additional funds to realize its ambition: to assure that new TKI Solar Energy Developments will be applied in the latest generation of solar-power products. Therefore, in this project, the focus is put on scaling technology and fast prototyping.

This all to expedite time to market with Dutch solar power products with a higher efficiency and lower cost.

Tempress, Levitech, Roth & Rau B.V. and Eurotron are companies that, together with Research Institute ECN at Petten, participated in the Silicon Competence Centre project that was initiated from the first TKI Solar Energy finance round. This consortium consists out of 3 additional parties; DSM, Solar Electricity Development and the University of Utrecht. Together the participating parties cover a large part of the value chain to build and test solar products: Tempress, Levitech and Roth&Rau have solar cell process technology and equipment, DSM has high-tech materials for module assembly, Eurotron has module assembly technology and equipment, and Solar Electricity Development has knowledge and expertise in solar pannel evaluation, testing and demonstration.

The university of Utrecht will bring mostly fieldtest knowledge to thee table and marketing data from the foundation “Monitoring Zonnestroom”. (“Monitoring Solar Power”) ECN will bring her expertise in the area of solar cell processing technology, module technology and characterization. The project SiCC-2 is part of the Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) Solar Energy.