Levitor RTP

The Levitor is a single-wafer Rapid Thermal Processing- system is based on the unique concept of conduction rather than the conventional method of radiation heating. This technology is used to rapidly heat and cool-down wafers. 

Conductive Heating

A thin gas layer enables ultra-fast heating or cooling, while the gas divider self-centers the wafer at the desired process temperature. The Levitor uses a massive gas divider, which is heated to the selected process temperature in close proximity to the wafer.  The result is very precise heat transfer that is emissivity- and layer independent.


The Levitor 4×00 RTP system for 200mm- and 300mm semiconductor wafer manufacturing, has been updated with a new process-portfolio. The Levitor RTP-system has reproducible and reliable operation at temperatures ranging from 100°C up to 1,200°C. Our new process flexibility comes in combination with the Levitor RTP systems proven unparalleled uniformity, mass-production throughput and repeatability.

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