Levitech Successfully Closes Major RTP Semiconductor Project in China

Almere, The Netherlands – February 14, 2023 – Levitech, announces the successful completion of a major multi-system, multi-million Semiconductor project in China. The project, which started prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, faced challenges and delays, but Levitech’s commitment to excellence and determination to succeed has resulted in its successful completion on January 31st.

The completion of this RTP Semiconductor project is a testament to Levitech’s ability to navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment, including those in the current Chinese market, with the help of online video support technical alignments were finetuned.

Levitech is proud of its successful completion of this major RTP Semiconductor project and looks forward to expanding its global reach and delivering results for its customers. We are proud of our customers and offer our best efforts to providing the highest level of service and support.

About Levitech
Levitech is a global player in semiconductor production solutions for the IC and solar industries. As a spin-off of ASM International, Levitech was established in 2009. Recently the LEVO 6000 series was introduced based on the revolutionary patented floating wafer technology used in the semiconductor industry for Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP). The Levitrack™ ALD system is a state-of-the-art production solution for the solar industry and uses atomic layer deposition (ALD) for passivation layers in the solar cells.

For more information, visit Levitech’s web site at www.levitech.nl.

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