Levitech B.V. Introduces the LEVO 6000 series For Rapid Thermal Processing with Reactive Gasses

Almere, the Netherlands -April 13, 2022- Levitech introduces the LEVO 6000 series as the
next generation Rapid Thermal Processing systems capable of handling reactive gasses such
as ammonia and 100% hydrogen. The leak-tightness and improved control system are the
main new features of the LEVO 6000 series which continues the high throughput and
reliability of the Levitor system.

Since the introduction of the Levitor 4000 series in 2004, we have seen that customer
requirements have changed and have become much more complex. The introduction of the
LEVO 6000 series fulfills the requirements for next generation Rapid Thermal Processing
(RTP) in combination with reactive gasses. I am proud to announce that we have succeeded
in untilizing the new features of the LEVO 6000 at two customers already,” commented Jaap
Beijersbergen, CEO of Levitech, “the high throughput and reliability are continued in the
Levitor-EVO making the LEVO 6000 series the preferred system for RTP.”

The LEVO system is available in configurations for both 200mm and 300mm wafer
processing, LEVO 6200 and LEVO 6300 respectively. The hardware changes such as an
improved mini environment, an impermeable reactor and cooldown, combined with a
revised control system based on Beckhoff® technology makes the LEVO-6000 series ready
for the future.

About Levitech
Levitech is a global player in semiconductor production solutions for the IC and solar industries. As a
spin-off of ASM International, Levitech was established in 2009 around its core product, the Levitor™
system, based on a revolutionary patented technology, and used in the semiconductor industry for
Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP). The Levitrack™ ALD system is a state-of-the-art production solution
for the solar industry and uses atomic layer deposition (ALD) for passivation layers in the solar cells.

For more information, visit Levitech’s web site at www.levitech.nl.

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