Levitor RTP

The Levitor 4300 and Levitor 4200 are leading-edge 300mm and 200mm tools for advanced RTP processes. In addition to enabling time-temperature profiles and with unmatched insensitivity to emissivity variations, these systems are designed to achieve unparalleled inherent uniformity and repeatability.

The Levitor RTP system is based on the unique concept of fast heating via conduction rather than the conventional method of radiation.  Heat (energy) is stored in two massive blocks in close proximity to the wafer. When the blocks and wafer are separated by a very thin gas layer, the energy transfer from the blocks to wafer through this thin gas layer is very efficient, and extremely fast.

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Levitrack ALD

The Levitrack™ ALD system is based on the new concept of precursor separation in space, as opposed to time, in combination with the unique floating wafer and conductive heating technology used in the Levitor RTP products.

Substrates are floating in a linear gas track, and are heated to the required process temperature (below 300°C) within a matter of seconds. At process temperature, the substrates float through a series of ALD deposition cells. Each cell consists of 2 precursors, which are separated in space by a Nitrogen purge (acting as inert gas curtains).

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