Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) is an advanced wafer processing technology used to expose wafers to heat over a short period of time. The term RTP applies to equipment that processes wafers at high throughput due to its ability to ramp temperature up and down in a matter of seconds. This process is typically used for single wafers.

The benefits of producing wafers using rapid thermal annealing include: removing defects introduced by ion implantation; activating species with little movement of the dopants (impurities that have been added to semiconductors); increasing the density of deposited film; changing film-to-film or film-to-water substrate interfaces; changing the states of grown films; and moving the dopants from one film to another or into the wafer substrate.

As wafers are only exposed to heat over such a short period of time, the the process’ thermal budget is relatively small. This allows for the use of elevated temperatures further on in the device’s manufacturing process in order to achieve optimal device properties. The ideal annealing time is a delicate trade-off in temperature and process uniformity, as well as throughput.



  • Spike Anneal
  • Soak Anneal/Conventional Implant Anneal
  • Silicide Anneal/Contact Anneal
  • Low Temperature Anneal
  • High-K Dielectrics Anneal
  • High Temperature Anneal
  • BPSG Anneal