Publications The ‘IBCense’ Project

Almere, the Netherlands – April 03, 2017 – It is the goal of the “IBCense” project consortium to bring the high-efficiency n-type IBC cell and module to a competitive cost level compared to the current standard, using Dutch equipment in the processing. The activities within the “IBCense” project are summarized below and the tasks will… (Read more)

The ‘Antilope’ Project

Almere, the Netherlands – April 03, 2017 – Although the mainstream PV technology still relies on wafer-based p-type crystalline silicon at the moment, a gradual but significant shift can be observed towards n-type silicon PV technology. In this project the partners will research and develop a new, bifacial, n-type cell architecture based on passivated contacts… (Read more)

The ‘COMPASS’ Project

Almere, the Netherlands – April 03, 2017 – Recombination of charge carriers at the Si/metal contact interface is limiting the open circuit voltage and therewith the efficiency potential of current day crystalline silicon solar cell technology based on diffused junctions and screenprinted metal contacts. In this project, different novel passivating contact technologies, developed in the… (Read more)

The ‘RADAR’ project

Almere, the Netherlands – April 03, 2017 – Levitech is, in combination with TU/e, TUD, Solmates and ECN, continuing this year with the ‘RADAR’ project. In the RADAR project passivating contacts, based on extrinsically doped metal oxides, poly-SiCx or poly-SiOx will be developed, that are both optimally selective and transparent and enable the application of… (Read more)

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