Levitor RTP

Levitor RTP

The Levitor 4300 and Levitor 4200 are leading-edge 300mm and 200mm tools for advanced RTP processes. In addition to enabling time-temperature profiles and with unmatched insensitivity to emissivity variations, these systems are designed to achieve unparalleled inherent uniformity and repeatability. The Levitor RTP system is based on the unique concept of fast heating via conduction rather than the conventional method of radiation.  Heat (energy) is stored in two massive blocks in close proximity to the wafer, which is separated from the blocks by a very thin gas layer. This layer enables a very efficient and extremely fast energy transfer from the blocks to the wafer.

Product features:

Device-, pattern-, film-independent heating by heat conduction through gas

  • No pattern effect
  • No need to remove back-side films
  • Heats up SOI wafers and bulk Si wafers without warping and breakage

Low temperature capabilities

  • Reproducible and reliable operation of below 200°C to above 1100°C

Value of Ownership

  • High throughput, which can exceed 60 wfrs/hr per chamber
  • Lowest cost for consumables and spares, no lamps, no rotation
  • Lowest number of setup and test wafers
  • Smallest footprint
  • Most energy efficient (steady state <6 kW; peak<20 kW)

Ease of Use

  • Quick and easy tune-in to the process of record
  • Reliable and fast tool to tool calibration
  • Same temperature settings for same target temperature no lamp correction tables or adjustment software
  • Fast, repeatable and inherently uniform heat-up and cool-down
  • No overshoot, simple temperature control guaranteeing best reproducibility < 1°C
  • Zero physical contact during heating, guaranteeing lowest possible stress; no scratching