Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP)

About the Levitor

The Levitor is a single-wafer RTP system based on a unique conductive heating and cooling technology.  What differentiates this system from the rest of the market is its superior process performance, flexibility, cost-of-ownership and process extendibility. The Levitor RTP-system has reproducible and reliable operation at temperatures ranging from well below 200°C up to 1,200°C.

Both the Levitor RTP-system and the Levitrack ALD-system are based on the unique concept of fast heating via conduction rather than the conventional method of radiation heating. In the Levitor RTP system, this technology is used to rapidly heat and cool-down wafers. Heat (energy) is stored in massive blocks called gasdividers in close proximity to the wafer. The gas layer between the wafer surface and the gas divider walls enables ultra-fast heating or cooling, while also self-centering the wafer and keeping it suspended at the desired process temperature. The result is very precise heat transfer that is emissivity independent – totally insensitive to the type of film on the wafer.