Levitech and its subsidiaries provide production solutions for wafer processing in both the IC and the solar industry through their facilities in Europe and Asia.

With its headquarters in Almere, the Netherlands, Levitech oversees activities in the US, Europe and Asia, and maintains a regional operating company in Japan.

In order to ensure you optimal performance and reliability of our production solutions, Levitech has established an extensive global network of Maintenance and Technical Services.


Our customers’ business success relies on the high quality of the processes they use. Levitech is determined to excel in the design, manufacturing, installation and product support for thermal products used in fabricating semiconductors, photovoltaic and other microelectronic products. Our marketing and sales efforts are fully aligned with our desire to only offer the best and most effective production solutions.

Working according to ISO 9001 helps to establish and maintain a high level of quality and embeds continuous improvement in all our operations. Our long-term corporate commitment to sustainable development is further endorsed by securing compliance to ISO 14001.